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With the start of the new year, DMTI announced the release of our VidCheck Multipoint Body Temperature Monitoring System.

The VidCheck Multipoint Body Temperature Monitoring System can be used by businesses, hospitals, municipal buildings, schools, event centers, or just about anywhere. The possibilities are endless in your quest to monitor the body temperature of people entering your building or premises.

Man using VidCheck at entrance.
DMTI is now offering the VidCheck for easy body temperature monitoring at your business.

The VidCheck system utilizes state of the art FLIR® Thermal Imaging capabilities combined with AI Facial recognition. This capability provides instant skin temperature readings for multiple people walking past the system. There is no contact or queuing to have your temperature taken. One staff member can monitor multiple individuals simultaneously. 

In addition, by using our VidCheck app, monitoring and notifications can be set up remotely to any Apple or Android device.

Contact us now to see how VidCheck can be used in your building!