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Fullfillment Services

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The medical industry is a growing and competitive market, so when it comes to third-party fulfillment services, you need a partner you can rely on and that can help you solve problems, not just provide services. Successful 3PL services require coordination of storage, inventory management, lot and serial number traceability, transportation solutions, and risk mitigation. Disruptive MedTech will help you grow your business by managing these factors for you, so you can focus on your immediate needs.

Peace of Mind

Our ability to maintain an accurate traceability from manufacturer to retailer or consumer/patient is vital to ensure compliance should a recall occur. DMTI can help you reduce the cost of an expensive recall through our traceability measures. In addition to saving you money, efficient and effective management of product recalls and returns can ensure that recalled, or otherwise unqualified product doesn’t re-enter the supply chain.

Shortening the Supply Chain

Disruptive MedTech has relationships with primary manufacturers of medication devices and materials. In addition to managing your inventory and fulfillment needs, we can help you reduce your supply chain risk, manage your supply chain costs, and identify qualified vendors to help meet your production, pricing, security, and customer requirements.


DMTI’s secure warehouses are climate controlled for safe storage of healthcare products.

End to end services

From manufacturer and supplier identification, to packaging or repackaging, labeling, kitting, device assembly, and even private branded products, DMTI is your partner in medical fulfilment services.

Breadth and Depth

In addition to covering the supply chain from manufacturer to consumer, DMTI covers a wide range of Medical and Healthcare Products:

  • Medical Devices
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Dental Supplies
  • Diagnostic Instruments
  • Surgical Devices
  • Physical Therapy devices
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)



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