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We are your provider of custom, innovative, private branded medical devices. DMTI can help you from concept to sales and everything in-between.

Orthopedic Medical Solutions

Who We Are

As we realized the desire of hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers (ASC) to work directly with the manufacturers of their implantable devices, it was clear there was a massive gap in the market, that, with the right infrastructure and expertise, DMTI could fill. Additionally, we are continuing our sales partnership with Mahe Medical. We can help clients develop, manufacturer, test, and sterilize; with a proven sales outlet already in place.  It’s a great win-win-win scenario. To do that we are focusing the company in the Orthopedic surgical world. The focus is on trauma and then will move into nails and joints (hips, knee, and spine) as we grow. We have visions for a full-service sterilization and medical training operations that will round out our new Center for Medical Manufacturing Excellence.



Disruptive MedTech recently announced its move to a new facility in Laramie, Wyoming. [Laramie, Wyoming — Disruptive MedTech (DMTI), a provider of custom, innovative, private branded medical devices, and medical device manufacturing announced its recent move to 3821...


DMTI is the Group Manufacturing Organization tasked with assembling the Marrow Access Technology SmartShot. [Laramie, Wyoming – Disruptive MedTech (DMTI) recently received United States Food and Drug Administration Registration as a medical device establishment. DMTI...

Contract Manufacturing

Our first contracted manufacturing product is a marrow stimulation system called SmartShot which is a device used during orthopedic procedures. 


We do distribution and fulfillment of the Mahe Medical product lines that include things like distal place, spine screws, screw removal kits, frag (fracture kits), etc – all in the orthopedic fields.


DMTI is leveraging our supply chain to source much needed healthcare PPE. Contact us for availability and more information.

Manufacturing Solutions

The products are designed and developed by our customers.  DMTI focuses on design improvements around cost, quality, manufacturability and testability (and regulatory compliance, of course)

Who we serve

Our customer’s customer are all the major medical hospitals, ASCs, private practice clinics, the military, the veteran’s administration, etc.

How DMTI Began

DMTI started with a simple concept to be a contract manufacturer for medical devices.  We have grown to so much more in 2020 and have plans to grow our medical device manufacturing and become the go-to company for direct from the manufacturer, innovative generic, and private branded medical systems.

Current Work

DMTI started initial manufacturing with the support of the Wyoming Technology Business Center in 2019. Our team will build on the current medical device manufacturing with the addition of distribution/fulfillment of Mahe products (over 10k are FDA approved already) in April of 2020.


DMTI has been providing Contract Manufacturing for Marrow Access Technologies since 2019. Their cutting-edge SmartShot® device is the latest first-line treatment for getting patients with cartilage defects back in action. Check out the SmartShot and contact Disruptive MedTech to learn how we can help you bring your technology to market.

Let’s Work Together

We’re your provider of custom, innovative, private branded medical devices. DMTI can help you from concept to sales and everything in-between

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