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Multipoint Body Temperature Monitoring System

comprehensive real-time body temperature analysis system.

FLIR IconFLIR® Technology

High-Resolution Thermal Imager
+/- 0.5° accuracy

Multipoint Monitoring

Fast safe remote monitoring for group temperature scanning

FLIR IconReal-Time Alerts

Mobile device pushes real-time images and audible notifications

VidCheck is designed for fast and accurate temperature recognition. It combines advanced Artificial Intelligence and a High-Resolution Thermal Imager to provide reliable responses in various situations. A remote monitoring system is a safe and contactless way to scan passengers and visitors without causing extra delays. Fast and accurate assessment also allows users to spot potential health threats immediately.


Terminal Imager:

  • Infrared Thermal Imager can detect fevers.
  • Fever is defined as above 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

VidCheck allows for rapid detection of multiple moving individuals.

  • Remote body temperature detection avoids close proximity interactions in a fast and safe manner.
  • Intelligent epidemic technology ensures efficient detection.
  • Measures body temperatures of individuals even when they are wearing masks. Accurate to .5° F
Monitoring Range

Effective monitoring range of 7 to 12 feet

Thermal StandMonitor:

  • 40”, 32“, or 22” monitors.
  • Visual and audible notification alerts when the system detects potential threats.


Management User Interface:

  • Real-time notification pushed to the app.
  • Provides management user interface to show employees’ body temperature and enable users to check the data based on date, which reduces workload and improves screening  efficiency. 

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